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i4u lenses (also sold as "Movilens" reading glasses) - The smart replacement for your everyday reading glasses.

14u lenses are tiny credit card sized pinch-nose style reading glasses for men and women featuring real optical lenses.  These highly compact, adjustable, emergency reading glasses, with USA patents, are 100% USA-made.


The perfect set of non-prescription Emergency Compact Reading Glasses:
•  Compact
•  Convenient
•  Flexible
•  Durable
•  Shatterproof
•  Featherweight
•  Adjustable 




Includes a soft protection case.

i4u lenses are made of the highest quality polycarbonate and are will not break if you carry them in your wallet.

Keep the i4u Credit Card Size Reading Glasses in your wallet or pocket, and you will always have the ability to read the menu, the prices in the supermarket, the paper or the map.

i4u i4u  i4u emergency lenses have a smart adjustable stainless steel wire nose bridge which fits comfortably on any nose.

If the reading glasses are too tight on your nose, increase the opening between the lenses by moving the lenses outward. If the lenses are too loose on your nose, decrease the opening between the lenses by moving the lenses inward (overlapping them). 

The lenses come in 4 different diopter strengths:
•  +1.50 Mild
•  +2.0 Medium (SOLD OUT)
•  +2.5 Strong (SOLD OUT)
•  +3.0 Stronger

Travel light! These glasses weigh practically nothing and fit into a wallet credit card sleeve.

i4u Lenses are a necessity for anyone who has ever misplaced or forgotten their reading glasses, convenient in so many situations:

• Reading a menu, a telephone directory, map, chart or a book
• While golfing, camping, hiking, fly fishing, bicycling
• Reading under the hair dryer in a beauty salon
• Reading the fine print in important documents
• While traveling in your motor home, boat, airplane, motorcycle
• While doing close work -- hobbies, quilting, sewing, crochet
>• While wearing a helmet or a headset
• Dialing cell or regular phones
• Reading the "fine print" in documents, packages
• And especially, when forgetting your bulky standard reading glasses!

Imagine all those times you have left your everyday glasses behind, or the times they have been sat on, or the times you simply couldn't remember where you left them. Purchase our i4u glasses today and always have a pair of glasses available.


Package: 1 pair of glasses.  Includes a soft protection case.
Manufacturer: Advantage Lenses, LLC (USA)