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Rose K2 XL from the manufacturer Menicon is a semi-scleral lens used for keratoconus, PMD, post-surgical, and any irregular corneal condition that cannot be successfully treated by fitting a lens within the limbus.

This lens is ideally suited for patients who cannot tolerate smaller GP corneal lenses, for pellucid marginal degeneration, keratoglobus, corneal inserts, and patients who have significant corneal distortion after undergoing penetrating keratoplasty.

• Primary indications: Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration (PMD), Post Graft, Corneal Rings, Post-LASIK ectasia, advanced dry eye and any irregular corneal condition that cannot be successfully fitted within the limbus. •

• Secondary indications: Polluted work conditions, stability for sport or working environment. Corneal GP intolerance, Piggyback.

• Daily wear.

Return policy: This lens is a "made-to-order" lens (custom product), it is not possible to cancel the order. Also, this lens cannot be returned or exchanged.